Accelerate the planning and
implementation of NAPHS

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A new, easy way to start planning

Using a country’s most recent JEE or SPAR assessment, a draft plan is created with the suggested benchmarks to step up health security capacity scores.

Scores and benchmarks in one place

Benchmark actions are automatically generated from stepping up assessment scores. No longer need to lookup and match data from different PDFs!

Robust resource library for recommended actions

Recommended actions have examples, case studies, training packages, and much more to help guide implementation.

Export a draft plan 
in one-click

After reviewing and refining Benchmarks actions, export it as an .xls to begin sharing and convening with stakeholders.

IHR Capacity Building Stages

Assess capacity

Assessments such as JEE/SPAR to identify and evaluate a country’s national preparedness capacities, identify risks and prioritize actions for capacity building to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to public health and threats.

Step up your planning

Go from draft plan to planning 
workshop in days, not months

Charts show how many actions are in each technical area and categorizes them by type to help consolidate and prioritize.

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